Eckel Noise Control Technologies has been an industry leader in building acoustic research and testing facilities since 1952. Utilizing patented technology Eckel’s full and hemi-anechoic chambers, portable anechoic chambers (PACs) and SuperSoft test chambers incorporate the most advanced acoustic design elements to create optimal sound environments suitable for virtually any type of acoustic testing or research.

Testing facilities designed for acoustic analysis are echo-free enclosures that provide a free-field environment, allowing sound waves to propagate in all directions without obstruction or reflection. Eckel’s unique, patented wedge design provides an optimum level of sound absorption, allowing precise, repeatable acoustic measurements.

Oliver Eckel, the company’s founder, helped lay the groundwork for anechoic testing by assisting in the development of Harvard University’s Cruft Laboratory chamber in 1945. Commissioned by the National Research Defense Committee as part of a top secret research project it was the first anechoic chamber ever to be built. Since then Eckel Noise Control Technologies has continued to be a pioneer in the field of acoustic research having built facilities worldwide for a wide array of customers within the automotive, telecommunications, consumer product, aircraft/aerospace, audio, and academic communities.

Eckel’s SuperSoft Test Chambers offer a practical and economical alternative for many hemi-anechoic testing applications. SuperSoft chambers utilize proprietary low-profile corrugated panels as the interior acoustic treatment to achieve baseline performance that meets ISO 3744 test standards and can also be engineered to meet lab grade testing criteria of ISO 3745.


SuperSoft panel linings can be installed in a new or existing structure. They cover the walls and ceiling using a track and batten system. Fill density and panel spacing from the walls determine the acoustic performance. The “V” ridge facing design of the perforated metal panels enhances acoustic performance by reflecting unabsorbed energy back into the acoustic treatment rather then back into the host room. 

Typical Applications

SuperSoft chambers are suitable for a range of acoustic test facility projects where a lab grade full or hemi-anechoic chamber is not needed or is cost-prohibitive. They are particularly useful for testing products that will be used on a solid surface, such as vehicles, construction machinery and major appliances.