Eckel’s Industrial Enclosures are designed to provide effective noise containment in manufacturing operations and other settings where the noise generated by machinery and production lines can raise ambient sound levels to thresholds that create both safety and health concerns. By effectively encapsulating the noise source the ambient sound level outside the enclosures is maintained at a comfortable and safe level. Featuring pre-engineered, structurally-strengthened panels that combine outstanding sound absorbing properties and tremendous versatility, these free-standing enclosures provide a proven long-term solution for reducing and isolating excessive worksite noise. Eckel’s enclosures are designed to meet or exceed OSHA requirements and are ideal for use in virtually any space where noise generated by machinery and equipment needs to be controlled to protect personnel from hearing loss and fatigue.

Eckel’s In-Plant Office Enclosures are pre-engineered modular rooms designed to create a quite and comfortable work environment within the noisy environs of loud manufacturing and warehouse spaces.     





Eckel offers two primary types of enclosures: modular enclosures custom-designed to surround and isolate machinery and equipment; and built-in enclosures designed to isolate permanently-installed machinery, or to create offices, control rooms and testing areas within a larger plant or facility setting. The soundproof panels that comprise these enclosures can also be used to erect permanent walls or temporary barriers either within a facility or outdoors.

Modular enclosures are made up of individual panels that can be removed easily to facilitate access to enclosed machinery and equipment. They can even be completely disassembled and relocated in a different area of a facility—all without loss of acoustic integrity.

Built-in enclosures utilize a unique offset panel design that provides a more acoustically tight solution. They are best suited for applications in which the enclosure is likely to remain fixed in location, size and configuration. They are the perfect solution for building a permanent office or control room on a plant floor.

Eckel’s Industrial Enclosures are designed to reduce and isolate sound in factories, plants and other industrial facilities where excessive noise is a persistent condition. They can be used to create viable and cost-effective noise control for in-plant:

  • machinery and equipment containment areas
  • offices and control rooms
  • plant-floor testing or research laboratories

Individual standard panels can be used as sound barriers in various interior and exterior scenarios. Outdoor applications include placement around:

  • water pumping stations
  • electrical transformers
  • mechanical equipment
  • transportation corridors




Eckel designs and fabricates customized industrial enclosures to fit virtually any unique requirements.


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