Eckel Audiometric Rooms integrate superb acoustics and ergonomics to create an ideal testing environment for a range of clinical and research procedures. Our broad selection of audiology rooms and suites offer clinicians and researchers an array of choices, all custom configurable, for which to select the ideal acoustic environment for their specific needs.   

Designed and constructed using the same acoustic expertise incorporated into our audiometric rooms Eckel’s recording studios and voiceover rooms significantly reduce external ambient noise to create a quiet and comfortable  atmosphere for professional sound engineering and recording.

AB Series Booths

AB Series Audiology Booths offer big performance in a little package. Ideal for small footprint applications including medical offices clinical laboratories, schools, business and industrial settings. Booths are small enough to fit through a standard doorway while large enough to conduct testing. Unique in the market for mini-size, acoustic integrity, durability and utility. Cam-Lock models are fully demountable. Choose from Cam-Lock & Fully Welded models.

C/H & CL/HL Rooms

Eckel’s C/H & CL/HL Series rooms are the gold standard of the audiology industry. These premium quality, innovative rooms offer a wide range of options designed for precise audiometric measurement, including audiology, research institutes and more. The series is ideal for industry and private clinics, featuring a clinical jack panel for greater versatility. Ideal for sound field measurements, brain stem audiometry, and hearing aid evaluation.

S Series Audiology Suites

Superb acoustic control is attained through high performance double walls, ceiling and floor panels providing outstanding noise control. Suites are available in double-wall designs for high ambient noise applications. Flush sill acoustic doors feature a continuous magnetic seal to maintain acoustical integrity. Custom audiology rooms can be tailored to specific space requirements, and generally include “Room within a Room” designs, which provide optimal acoustic isolation.

M Series Multi-Station

Multi-station suites are ideal for group testing environments. The series features high performance acoustic doors, fully isolated floors, custom interior wall coverings, carpeting and low noise ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Options include multi-glazed observation windows and Low Profile doorways. Designed for trouble-free testing. M Series engineered noise control products and systems are found wherever group testing is required.

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Eckel’s pre-assembled, welded, and optional flat-packed AB Series Booths offer high performance in a small package. The booths are unique to the market given their size, acoustic integrity, durability and utility. They come fully assembled and ready to use upon delivery.


The unitized, all-welded construction and continuous magnetic door seal are innovative and proven designs that contribute to the AB Series’ outstanding acoustic performance. The large entry door allows ease of access and the roomy interior is designed to allow test subjects to move unimpeded in the room.

Known for their compact size and practicality, the AB Series booths are small enough to fit through a standard 30 in. doorway. Additionally, the optional cam-lock construction facilitates disassembly for moving, storage or shipping.

While the booths are “mini”, the interior space is roomy and comfortable—featuring double acoustic windows and quiet forced-air ventilation. The AB Series booths are available with lighting, carpeting, vibration isolators or heavy-duty castors, and universal jack panel (adaptable to any audiometer).


Eckel’s AB Series Booths are ideal for small-footprint applications, such as medical offices, clinical laboratories, schools, and business or industrial settings. They are often incorporated intro trailers and cargo vans widely used in mobile test facilities.

Eckel’s Unique Cam-Lock Design

Eckel’s audiometric rooms and studios are modular designs available with a unique cam-lock system to facilitate on-site installation, and if needed, relocation. This unique feature helps ensure the acoustic integrity, durability and utility of each room when it is installed and likewise, if the room needs to be relocated, it also ensures the room can be disassembled, moved and re-assembled without compromising the performance or integrity of the room once it’s been re-commissioned. No other audiometric room or booth on the market features this innovative design.